• The pleasure of taste
    The pleasure of taste
    The unique flavors of the tradition, the result of a careful
    selection of the best first choice horse meat.
  • Tradition meets flavor
    Tradition meets flavor
    Giovanni Coppiello's company has a long history of passion for its own work.
  • Carni di qualità italiana
    Italian quality meat
    A constant research of quality and genuineness which makes those
    who taste its fantastic products falling in love with them ...
  • Rich in iron, Less Fat
    ... for a better Life!
    Few calories and low in fat and cholesterol,
    all in favor of a high percentage of iron and protein ...
    without sacrificing the taste.

Quality products, the result of our passion

Coppiello Giovanni is a great specialist in horsemeat products

Sfilacci di cavallo qualità oro

Sfilacci Gold Quality

The "top" of Giovanni Coppiello’s production

Sfilacci di cavallo Made in Italy

Sfilacci Made in Italy

The pleasure is always on the table

Sfilacci di manzo bovino e tacchino

Beef and Turkey Sfilacci

The best beef meat full of proteins

Bresaola Equina

Dried Beef

Produced with horse meat of first choise



With our own ingredients and quality horse meat

Salame Equino


Traditional and with an optimal maturing

Salsicce di cavallo

Horse Sausages

Made with the best horse meat

Cotechino di carne di cavallo

Horse Meat Cotechino

Fragrant and tasty ... as tradition

Würstel Equino

Würstel Equine

A true delicacy for young and old