Quality and nutrition

Rich in iron, less fat... for a better Life!

Italian quality meat

It is very lean, without cholesterol and rich in iron, even if it is most appreciated characteristic is it is tenderness. Horsemeat has got different characteristics which make it different from other red meat, and Coppiello's meat are selected and certificated in a meticulous way.

A small quantity of cholesterol and fats

Horse meat is also low in calories: for this it's considered ideal for slimming diets and people with high cholesterol or low blood pressure. Horsemeat's fats are "coverage fats" - yellow fats are those of the adult horse while the white ones are those of the colt - and generally they are eliminated in the processing phase. Its small amount of fats makes horsemeat digestible and suitable for all.

An high iron amount

3,9 mg/100 g, twice compared to other meat, horsemeat is also recommended by doctors to people who suffer from anemia, pregnant women and growing children. The iron in horsemeat - different from that contained in vegetables - is easily assimilable by the organism. It's just the iron amount that affects the oxidation of the meat making it darker when it's in contact with the air.

The high percentage of proteins

Important for the children and the athletes' muscle development because of its content of sugars, makes the horsemeat perfect also for the athletes who need an energetic alimentation. It's for these sugars that horsemeat has that sweet flavor that makes it tempting.

A natural barrier against bacteria

Horsemeat protects itself from bacteria thanks to the lactic acid present in larger amounts than other meat.

Composition and energetic values of the Horse Meat for 100 gr. of edible raw part compared to other meats.

(Data from the National Istitute of Nutrition)

Meat Proteins Fats
Horse 21,5 2,55
Beef (adult) 20,7/15,8 5,1/29,2
Calf 20,7 1,0
Pig 19,9 37,3
Lamb 20,0 2,2
Goat (young) 19,2 5,0
Rabbit 22,0 5,0
Chicken 19,0 11,0
Turkey 20,2 14,8
Meat Kcal Cholesterol (mg.)
Horse 113 -
Beef (adult) 129/330 65/68
Calf 92 70
Pig 394 65
Lamb 101 70
Goat (young) 122 -
Rabbit 138 65
Chicken 175 81
Turkey 220 -
Type Composition Beef Equine
Fresh Water (%) 71,5 74,1
Proteins (%) 21,3 21,7
Lipids (%) 3,1 2,7
Cholesterol (mg.) 70 52
Carbs (%) 0 0,5
Dried Beef Water (%) 56,3 46,7
Proteins (%) 34 41,9
Lipids (%) 4,3 3,99
Carbs (%) 0 -
Sfilacci Water (%) 54,5 54
Proteins (%) 35,8 33
Lipids (%) 5,59 10
Carbs (%) 0 0