The tradition meets flavor

Giovanni Coppiello's company has a long history of passion and reason: passion for its own work. Passion to select the best horsemeat cuts chosing those of colt and the adult horse ones. It consists in a constant research of quality and genuineness which makes those who taste its fantastic products falling in love with them. 

The year of Giovanni Coppiello’s birth. After various jobs at a young age, he opened his own horsemeat butcher's shop.


The small butcher’s shop grew to become a company specialising in quality horsemeat.


In 1996, Coppiello became an important industry with innovative, modern drying units.


The latest and most important expansion saw investment into 3,600 m² of premises dedicated to the processing and packaging of products, with IFS (International Food Standard) certification.


Coppiello became a gourmet butcher’s and registered the brand name PADUELLO: our minced meat mixture, healthy and wholesome just like grandma used to make. It is the main ingredient for many of the products you will find in our Coppiello butcher's shop.


Quality raw materials and processing

The processing, from the raw material to the packaged product, carries on checking the quality of the product repeatedly and complying with the strict European standards certified by periodic monitoring of delivery agencies


How we were

Our TV commercials archive

Some of our TV commercials, to remind us, somewhat nostalgically, of our past.