Our products

A base di carne equina di qualità

Coppiello Giovanni is a great specialist in horsemeat products, made with passion and reason. A process that takes maximum care of product quality in accordance with the strictest parameters.


For lovers of strong "smoky" flavours, these are our smoked products: very lean prime cuts of foal and adult horsemeat, skilfully treated to give them that special unique aftertaste that pampers the palate of all gourmets. Perfect for enriching any dish.

Pezzature disponibili:
  • Straeca (thinly sliced diaphragm) 100 g and 400 g℮
  • Dried pulled horsemeat 100 ge and 400 g℮
  • Gold quality pulled horsemeat 100g℮ and 400 g℮
  • Dried pulled beef 100 g℮
  • Dried pulled chicken 100 g℮

Cured Meat

Coppiello cured meats represent the best of Veneto region tradition: from horsemeat soppressa to horsemeat salami, each of our cured meats is processed naturally and perfectly aged. Guaranteed quality, recognisable at first taste.

Pezzature disponibili:
  • Equinetto sausage 1 kg (3 pieces)
  • Sopressa 1.5 kg and 3.5 kg
  • Horsemeat and pork salami 500 g
  • Donkey meat salami 500 g
  • Horsemeat and pork sausage 300 g
  • Christmas star salami 600 g

Speck and bresaola

With their intense, tasty flavour, these two excellent products are made from the most carefully selected raw materials. Rich in iron and protein, easy to digest and highly nutritional, speck and bresaola bring a tradition of excellence to the table.

Pezzature disponibili:
  • Loose bresaola 2.5/3 kg
  • Vacuum-packed bresaola 2.5 kg
  • Half bresaola 1.5 kg
  • Bresaola julienne 100 g
  • Bagged bresaola 100 g
  • Vacuum-packed horsemeat speck 2.5 kg

Raw meat

When it is of the highest quality and controlled at every stage of processing, what could be better than raw? A selection of nutritious tasty products to spoil yourself... even at the table.

Pezzature disponibili:
  • Choice slices
  • Loin
  • Stewing meat
  • Steak for slicing

Weights go from 350 g to 450 g

Traditional products

Coppiello offers an excellent pancetta coppata prepared with lean pancetta skilfully flavoured and stuffed with our horse bresaola; we also have salt and pepper horsemeat/pork salami, excellent on the grill on an autumn evening with fresh or toasted polenta; and finally, we also make a coarser ground salami in a natural casing.

Pezzature disponibili:
  • Pancetta coppata 2.5 kg
  • Horsemeat and pork salami with salt and pepeda 800 g
  • Salami in natural casing 800 g

And much more

Roulade, 100% horsemeat frankfurters, cooked horsemeat ham with pepper and without. At Coppiello you will find these and many other delicacies, made with the highest quality meat, such as ragout and stew, prepared according to an old family recipe. To delight even the most discerning gourmets at Christmas time, we also have pre-cooked cotechino and zampone.