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Horse meat gluten free products

Coppiello's branded products are all gluten-free

Always careful to its consumers needs, Coppiello Giovanni company offers a range of meats and lean meats products rich in iron and without traces of soy.

The Coppiello products are all gluten-free and without lactose and milk derivatives thus being ideal foods for celiac disease and people suffering from the most common food intolerances and to demonstrate the high level of care for every single product are carried out the necessary analysis by accredited laboratories.

Coppiello aims to provide excellent meat and salami to represent a product 100% Made in Italy that are authentic delights for the palate, such as the delicious horse meat sfilacci Gold Quality or the extraordinary horse bresaola to bring on the table of every person the flavors and the tradition which have always been the result of our passion.

Nutritional values

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Find out the nutritional values of our products made with first quality horse meat.

Data Source:
National Institute of Nutrition



Quality products, the result of our passion

Coppiello Giovanni is a great specialist in horsemeat products